The ASHOKA® is a patented diamond cut that is as distinctive as it is beautiful. A unique arrangement of 62 facets creates a dazzling prismatic effect, giving the ASHOKA® its fiery brilliance. The process of cutting an ASHOKA® is extraordinarily precise – every finished stone of identical weight has the exact same proportions and dimensions. The consistency and symmetry of cut sets it apart from all other fancy shape diamonds. The ASHOKA® has a larger size appearance than similarly shaped diamonds – appearing 30% larger than an emerald cut diamond of the same carat weight. View many ASHOKA® Diamond engagement rings here at Davidson & Licht Jewelers. Diamonds instantly inspire thoughts of love, luxury, and timeless beauty. From their precise cuts to their brilliant shine, there’s no other stone more glamorous. At Davidson and Licht in Walnut Creek CA, we are proud to offer some of the most prestigious diamond selections in the world. Ashoka diamonds are patented diamond cuts that feature a unique arrangement of 62 facets that come together to form a remarkable prismatic stone. Celebrate your love story with a piece of impeccable Ashoka jewelry. At Davidson and Licht in Walnut Creek CA, we carry an impressive selection of Ashoka diamond engagement rings. Our jewelers offer an extraordinary collection of Ashoka jewelry from some of the biggest jewelry designers in the industry. From timeless styles to the latest trends, discover diamond jewelry constructed with impeccable craftsmanship and great attention to detail. You’ll also find all of your favorite styles, including vintage engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings, halo engagement rings, and more. Visit Ashoka Diamonds