Timeless Gifts Ideas - Class of 2023

May 17th, 2023

Graduation is a significant occasion for students, packed with excitement, relief, and hope for the future. It’s one of life’s moments that matter, a memory to be cherished forever. As one chapter ends a new one begins.

Your graduation gift should be meaningful and timeless. Give a graduation gift that they would not normally buy for themselves but will love. Something your graduate will look back on in a few years, a few decades and still enjoy wearing.

While gift cards and money are great, they may be gone before you know it. Custom jewelry, fine jewelry styles or timeless watches will make a heartfelt statement for years to come. To mark this milestone, Davidson & Licht has the perfect gift for your middle school, high school, or college graduate.


Gift ideas to help you with your Class of 2023 graduate!

Diamond Stud Earrings – timeless and elegant, can wear a lifetime.

Pearl Earrings – classic and timeless, never to go out of style.

Bangles – sophisticated and timeless, so many styles to choose from.

Bands – contemporary and classic, to be cherished every day.

Pendants – elegant and sophisticated, a gift to be remembered forever.

Charms – keepsake, mix and match, every charm tells a story.

Custom Jewelry – create your own unique story with a beautiful custom design.

Watches –the gift of time, to be cherished a lifetime.

Visit Davidson & Licht and let us help you find the perfect statement piece for your Class of 2023 graduate.