Temple St. Clair Receives RJC Certification

July 30th, 2021

Davidson & Licht is the premier jewelry store for Walnut Creek. We are happy to announce that one of our partners, Temple St. Clair, have received their certification from the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). We are honored to be able to show their beautiful pieces in our showroom.

 In early 2020, Temple St. Clair’s management team initiated the process to strengthen the company’s foundation in impact management by implementing a comprehensive Responsible Business Practices program.

To spearhead this, Temple St. Clair chose to engage with the certification program created by the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), globally recognized as the jewelry industry’s foremost standards-setting and certification body.

Certification by the RJC demonstrates an organization's commitment to responsible practices around human rights, social issues, and the environment in a transparent, accountable manner throughout the jewelry industry from mine to retail.

Certification signifies that Temple St. Clair has applied a thorough structure across all aspects of their work to examine, check, and report on their supply chain. It is a foundation for communicating in-depth information and sourcing transparency and contributing to healthy growth within the industry.

By joining other industry leaders and being one of the first companies of their size to be certified by the RJC, Temple St. Clair hopes to encourage and inspire their collaborators to do the same. It takes a village and the more people that work together, the stronger we will be in carrying the jewelry industry forward in this decade of action.


Temple St. Clair established far-reaching responsible practices for its New York City headquarters as well as measurable compliance standards for its extensive supply chain.