Step Into Sylvie!

December 21st, 2023

SYLVIE - A bit of bezel to start the week. We have loved mixing and matching wedding bands to create a custom look.


Hey lovely couples! Are you prepping for your big day?

Imagine two souls, united in a journey of eternal love. Isn't it magical? The symbolism of this love is often encapsulated in the timeless tradition of matching wedding bands, that serve not only as a piece of jewelry but a beautiful token of your shared journey and commitment towards each other.

Choosing these rings can be both thrilling and nerve-racking, and we understand why! With so many designs, metals, and stones to choose from, where do you even begin? Well, we're here to make it easier!

That perfect set of matching wedding bands, reflecting your unique love story and style, awaits you. Stay tuned to dive into a world of wedding band magic and discover which one is destined to adorn your fingers, forever binding your love. So, gear up for a ride filled with love, choices, and the perfect sparkle.


Platinum Bands

Timeless elegance! There is something uniquely fascinating about Platinum bands that simply exude an unparalleled level of sophistication.

Women’s Platinum Bands | Men’s Platinum Bands 


Gold Bands

We all know that Gold and Weddings go together like Love and Commitment.  It's a classic love affair that's been going on forever! Today, let's swirl around in the world of these stunning golden bands and explore the unique personalities they bring to our 'I do' moment.

Women’s Gold Bands | Men’s Gold Bands

Timeless Yellow Gold Bands

 They're traditional, sparkling embodiments of eternal love, standing the test of time. A symbol of warmth and romance, they're perfect for those who love a good classic tale!

Contemporary White Gold Bands

These bands are chic, trendy, and exude a modern beauty that's hard to resist. For those who love to vibe with the times while keeping the essence of the tradition alive, these are for you!

Enchanting Rose Gold Bands

 A dash of romance mingled with a touch of novelty. These bands with their blush-pink undertones are as dreamy as it gets. They're effortlessly fashionable, making your special moment even more memorable!


Diamond Accented Bands

For those couples out there, who desire that extra sparkle these gleaming bands are just the ticket! They are a visual celebration of the depth and quality of your love for each other.

Women’s Diamond Bands | Men’s Diamond Bands


Custom Bands

Create a unique treasure with our custom jewelry design services. Whether you want to use stones you have from an old piece, or you want to create something brand new we can accommodate any vision.

Custom Bands


Visit Davidson and Licht and let us help you create special memories. Every time you look at your wedding set, it'll remind you of the day you said, 'I do', the moment you vowed to be there for one another forever, sealing your love with these stunning bands.