Here Comes The Bride!

November 17th, 2022

Weddings are back! 2022 has been a banner year for wedding celebrations, and experts predict 2023 will follow suit.


With that in mind, it’s time to be bold and shout from the rooftops that you’re in love. Whether your nuptials are lavish or intimate, your wedding is the perfect time to show off your style.


Here are some of the bridal wear trends that are giving bridal parties an extra glow right now. Wedding attire wouldn’t be complete without glorious blooms. Romantic three-dimensional appliques, dazzling beaded petals, or delicately embroidered blossoms — these couture touches add wonderful dimension, texture, and personality to any dress.


With so many designs, styles, and options we want to help you find the perfect engagement and wedding sets. Something to be worn and cherished daily. We have a designated Bridal department including the latest trends and classic looks by top designers for the bride-to-be and her groom.


The ASHOKA® is a patented diamond cut that is as distinctive as it is beautiful. A unique arrangement of 62 facets creates a dazzling prismatic effect, giving the ASHOKA® its fiery brilliance.


The CARLEX Collection is emblematic of modern luxury and unparalleled style. These bands are crafted using innovative design and cutting-edge technology to create architectural perfection and revolutionary comfort. CARLEX offers an endless array of dazzling men's fashion jewelry as well as ensembles for him and for her.


CrownRing designs matrimonial jewelry collections offering both men’s and women’s wedding bands, engagement rings, anniversary bands and more to honor the couple in love


Fana. A name both feminine and luxurious – yet blissful.

JB Star is about passion, dedication and striving for excellence.

While many top name designers manufacture their product overseas to cut costs and increase profits, Michael B. jewelry is manufactured in Studio City, California, where quality and service remain top priorities. Although Michael has serviced too many celebrity clients to list, he feels that every client should be treated like a star and as such, he bonds with each of his clients on a personal level.


Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works understands that jewelry is the ultimate of personal expressions. It’s why all of our designs exude exceptional quality, with painstaking attention to the smallest detail. Precision Set uses only the finest precious metals and gemstones in each exquisite design—from the most delicate heirloom ring to the boldest statement piece


The Sylvie Collection is designed by a woman for a woman. Created by three-time award-winning designer Sylvie, this namesake collection has been inspired by her love of diamonds.


The Bleu Royale Collection offers a band that is made to stand the test of time. Its thicker profile and heavy weight will endure the wear and tear of everyday life.


At Chris Ploof Designs, we are proud pioneers in widening the field of luxury contemporary metals. The decision to spend your life with another person calls for a finely crafted symbol that represents the strength, creativity, and flow of the relationship over time.


For over 100 years Davidson & Licht has created timeless fine jewelry from the finest materials and certified gemstones. Let us design an heirloom just for you.


Globally renowned for its exclusive, high-quality cut, no other diamond in the world comes close to Hearts On Fire. Because no other diamond goes so far for perfection.


A classic cut refined – The Kwiat Cushion - The cushion cut is a romantic, pillow-shaped stone that was first developed in the eighteenth century. Throughout the years, the cushion has been evolved and refined with more facets to create “modified cushion-cut brilliants.” Most of them don’t meet KWIAT’s strict criteria for quality and beauty, so they decided to create their own. 


Noam Carver is a sculptor, designer, and goldsmith whose jewelry unites classical and contemporary motifs from around the world. Intuition, exploration, and distinction are the three founding principles that guide Noam Carver’s award-winning design process.


Steven Kretchmer Design combines art, science, and a little magic to create collectible works of art. Sophisticated elegance and flawless craftsmanship, words that describe Steven Kretchmer Design's timeless jewelry.


Come visit Davidson & Licht to get started on your dream engagement and wedding sets!