Fancy Yellow Diamonds

April 19th, 2023

For more than 100 years, Davidson & Licht Jewelers, has been considered by many the preeminent Bay area Jeweler for the finest selection in exquisite and rare diamonds and beautiful settings for the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Today’s bride is looking for exciting, unique ways to express her individual taste and style when selecting her diamond engagement ring and bridal jewelry.


One option that is catching the attention and hearts of many young sophisticates is the natural yellow, or Canary Diamond. Fancy yellow diamonds are quite rare. Only one carat from every 10,000 carats mined are fancy color. They are mined all over the world, but the rarest, most intensely colored Canary diamonds are found in South Africa. Intensities of color range from light yellow to intense vivid, with the deeper more vivid color being the rarest and most valuable.


Yellow Diamonds are the only fancy color to start within the Colorless Grading Scale. Diamonds graded to be X, Y or Z on the Colorless Scale are referred to as “Caped” and while lighter than their fancy yellow counterpart can be quite beautiful and affordable.


We would love to welcome you into our stores and introduce you to the mystery and beauty of the yellow and fancy yellow diamonds. Come in and visit with one of our diamond and bridal specialists and your one-of-a-kind ring is certain to be discovered.

At Davidson & Licht, we boast about the finest selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry for weddings and anniversaries.