Fancy Sapphires from OMI Prive

April 14th, 2022

Spring forward with fancy corundum! 

Omi Prive

These are some of our favorite fancy sapphires by Omi Privé. Corundum is a mineral species that comes in a variety of colors, similar to the vividly beautiful sunsets we witness on a spring evening. Aside from the blue sapphires, look at the cool, bluish-violet shades of purple sapphires to the vibrant pinks, the soft peaches of padparadschas to golden yellows. Each color category has its own range of hues, tones, and saturations from color-causing trace elements and sources. Visit Davidson & Licht to view these gorgeous stones.


The core of every Omi Privé fine jewelry piece lies within the colored gemstone it reveals. The grandeur and the focal point, each gem is resonant of the past. We believe that every individual today has the ability to connect with a stone. In its essence, each gemstone is a living treasure from nature that should speak to the viewer. It is our determination to bring the stones to life through the jewelry in which they are presented.


Omi Privé has a large selection of many fine gemstones including sapphire, ruby, tsavorite garnet, spinel, and tourmaline! Available at Davidson & Licht.

Omi Privé