Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

January 15th, 2024

At Davidson & Licht, we believe every love tale is unique – let's turn yours into a dazzling reality. Our selection of engagement rings is as diverse and beautiful as every couple's journey. We are absolutely thrilled to invite you to the adventure of a lifetime. Experience the magic in our relaxed, no-pressure environment where your happiness is our priority. Let's take the time to get it just right – because moments like these deserve to be cherished. Let's look at a few key considerations when starting the hunt for the perfect ring.

Setting Your Budget

Setting the stage for forever doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. Before you dive into the sea of sparkles, anchor down your budget first. Your love is priceless, but your engagement ring purchase should feel just as comfortable. Together, let's choose a ring that says 'forever' without spending an eternity paying for it.


Choose a Setting

Remember, every stone needs its palace! Let’s find the one that sings "This is so ME!" in perfect harmony with your style. Our settings are designed with ONE thing in mind: Your absolute comfort for everyday bliss. If you have been dreaming of something and can’t find it, stop the search, and start the creation with a custom design.


Choose a Style

Whether your vibe is bold and modern, timeless, classic, or somewhere fabulously in between, guidance from a pro is a game-changer! Settings can range from a luxurious halo setting or reveling in the timeless elegance of a classic solitaire, or the stunning cushion cut and so much more.  With so many options available the perfect ring to capture your heart is waiting for you!


Selecting the Center Stone

We get it, choosing the centerpiece for your dream piece of jewelry is a BIG deal, and we’re here to make it an adventure filled with wonder and excitement! Finding the right center stone is like finding the missing piece to your love puzzle. It's a journey, an adventure, and, oh, it's oh-so-exciting! Whether it's the cut that catches every flicker of light, the shade that reflects your personality, or the shape that symbolizes a special meaning, your choice tells a story – YOUR story!